Posted on 31-08-2009
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Like last week, this week started out well, but soon turned sour.  It was another stressful week at work and there were physical manifestations: tightness in my chest, lightheartedness during runs, lack of sleep, etc.  I ended up taking Thursday off out of pure lack of enthusiasm.  I tried to come back with a ten miler Friday morning, but the shortness of breath held me to 6 miles.  I did have a pretty solid four miler that afternoon so I still got 10 for the day.  Not knowing how I was going to deal with the long run, I reluctantly opted for the treadmill Saturday morning.  Richie was nice enough to join me, despite having run on the treadmill all week (he did 20 on the ‘mill Monday morning).

That run went pretty well.  I varied my pace between 10 min/mile and 8:30 min/mile.  Around mile 8, I started to smell myself.  I was wearing shoes I had worn during a rainy run on Tuesday and they smelled really, really bad.  I pointed this out to Richie.

“Oh, that’s you?” he said, “I thought it was that guy over there.”  A few seconds later, he was laughing.

“Man, that’s pretty putrid, I might have to call this one at 12 miles.”

He did indeed call it at 12 miles.  Once he had ceased running, he was able to use all his energy to rip on me.

“You know what you’ve got?” he asked.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.  “You’ve got the stanky leg.  You ever heard that song?”

I had to confess that I hadn’t.  Meanwhile, Richie tried to recall the beat while stretching.  Sadly, he was unable to pull it up on his cell phone so he just had to work out the music and lyrics himself.  He turned his back to me to stretch his quads.

“Yeah, you got the stanky leg!” he exclaimed, laughing just as a woman walked in front of him with her head phones on.  She paused and removed her headphones.

“Excuse me?” She asked.  Niiice.  I couldn’t wait to see how this would play out.

“Oh, I was talking to him,” Richie said pointing to me.  Somehow, she was satisfied with that.

“So, what do you think they’re doing down there?” she asked, pointing to a group of people downstairs doing jumping jacks.

“Looks like some kind of exercise class, ” replied Richie.  I’m flabbergasted at this point.  He tells her she’s got the “stanky leg” and now she’s trying to flirt with him?  That’s bunk.

I polished my run off at 12.5 miles (a new personal treadmill distance record) and stretched.  For those who are curious, this is the stanky leg:

Here’s how the rest of the week went:

Monday AM: Threshold intervals totalling 7 miles

Monday PM: 3 miles at 8:06 pace

Tuesday AM: 6.4 miles at 8:49 pace

Tuesday PM: 3.8 miles in the pouring rain at 7:53 pace

Wednesday AM: 1200 and 800 m intervals at 9:20 pace

Wednesday PM: 3 miles at 8:31 pace

Friday AM: 6 miles at 9:59 pace

Friday PM: 4 miles at 8:13 pace

Saturday: 12.5 miles at 9:36 pace

Total: 53.7 miles

Hey, another 2 days off and I still got 53.7 miles!

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Posted on 24-08-2009
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I moved my Threshold pace workout to Monday this week in hopes of conducting it on fresh legs.  I also did it on the treadmill to get myself out of the heat.  The plan was for 2.25 miles at T pace + 3-4 minutes jogging + 1.5 miles T pace + 3-4 minutes jogging + 0.75 miles T pace.

I warmed up with a mile at easy pace and then:

2 miles at 6:48

4 minutes walking

1 mile at 6:48

4 minutes walking

0.75 miles at 6:48 pace

4 minutes walking

I finished with a cooldown to total 7 miles.  It wasn’t great, but it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten 2 miles straight at T pace, so I’m going to take it as a confidence builder.

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Posted on 23-08-2009
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This week started out in a fantastic way.  A nice interval workout and two speedy easy runs on rare cool evenings had me feeling so good that I was adding miles to my workouts.  That all came crashing down during my threshold pace run on Thursday morning after which maintaining even a 10 minute mile pace for more than 10 minutes was difficult and I found myself taking walk breaks on runs that should have been easy.

Thursday afternoon, I felt horrible.  My sinuses were clogged.  I couldn’t draw a deep breath.  My head was throbbing.  As I pondered my physical state leading up to that afternoon’s easy 4 miles, I began to realize a few things about the last week.

1)  I’ve had a pretty persistent headache.

2)  I’ve been generally melancholy.

3)  I’ve felt on the verge of falling asleep at my desk everyday, but cannot fall asleep when my head hits the pillow at night.

Hey, those sound like the classic symptoms of over training.  Having realized this, I was kind of relieved.  I was beginning to think I was just mentally weak on the threshold pace run.  It was nice to know that on the contrary, the opposite was true.  I had worked my body into total submission.  So, that’s what that feels like.  I took Thursday afternoon off, then took Friday off too.  Then, I decided to actually sleep on Saturday instead of running 15 miles.  I did yard work instead of running once I did wake up.  Today has been low key as well.  I’m feeling jumpy now so I might just go do three easy miles to shake out the rest days.  I’m planning on getting my threshold pace run in tomorrow – perhaps having it first in the week will help.  I’m willing to try anything.  Here’s how the week went:

Monday AM: 6 miles at 8:28 pace + full body strength

Monday PM: 5 miles at 7:46 pace

Tuesday AM: 600+300+150 intervals for 10 miles total

Tuesday PM: 4 miles at 7:44 pace

Wednesday AM: 6 miles at 9:16 pace + lower and core strength

Wednesday PM: 3 miles with Alice at 10:44 pace

Thursday AM: Crumby attempt at T pace for 6 miles total

UPDATE: Sunday PM: 3 miles at 7:41 pace

Total: 43 miles. Not too shabby for having 2 days off.

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Posted on 20-08-2009
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Tuesday’s speed workout was just the type I hate: Fairly fast intervals with little recovery.  I converted the Jack Daniels times at 6:00 min/mile pace to distances, which makes the intervals easier for me.  I like to have a target to aim at.  So, the workout was 7x(600 m I pace + 200 m jog + 300 m I pace + 100 m jog + 150 m I pace) where I pace is 6:00 min/mile.

It went really well.  I hit my pace on all of the intervals and typically sprinted the 150’s.  The last 4 sets were tough, but I resisted the urge to walk the recoveries and pulled it out.  In all, the workout was 10 miles and I was proud of my performance.

Today called for 3 sets of 1.5 miles at threshold pace (6:45 min/mile).  It doesn’t seem that intimidating, but the threshold pace runs own me.  I got through the first interval at 6:42 pace.  Then, I only lasted about 0.3 miles on the second interval before walking.  I convinced myself to whip out another 1200 m at 6:41 pace, but after that I was toast.  There are some days I’d like to stop and walk.  Today, I wanted to curl up under a tree and go to sleep.

I was so dead that getting back home from the park at 10:00 min/mile pace required a few walk breaks.  My head was foggy and my ears were clogged for hours afterward.  I felt like I had just gotten off a red-eye from Vegas after a night of slamming shots at the bar.

I felt better in the afternoon, but convinced myself to skip the afternoon 4 miler.  Tomorrow, I’ve got 2 easy 3 milers before my Saturday morning 16 miler.  If I complete those, it will still be a weekly mileage PR.

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Posted on 16-08-2009
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This was another stressful week work-wise, but on the running front, I stuck to the plan and got all my runs in.  It felt great to be finished with my weekly mileage early Saturday morning and I relished a Saturday night out and a relaxed Sunday around the house (except for the lawn mowing – that was a couple weeks overdue).  I recalled this week that I used to be quite the handyman before I started running.  I used to spend my weekends on woodworking and home improvement projects.  Now, I do a long run on Saturday morning and I’m pretty lazy the rest of the weekend.  Except for the shoes, it’s saving us money.  Anyway, here’s how the week went:

Monday AM: 1200,800 and 400 m intervals for 8 miles

Monday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 9:38 pace

Tuesday AM: 3 miles at 8:21 pace + full body strength training

Tuesday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 11:29 pace

Wednesday AM: 5 mile fartlek run at the beach (supposed to be tempo)

Wednesday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 10:23 pace

Thursday AM: 3.5 miles at 8:24 pace

Thursday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 9:51 pace

Friday AM: 8×400 m in 86 s for 6 miles

Friday PM: 3.5 miles at 8:25 pace

Saturday AM: 15 miles at 9:26 pace

Total: 60 miles

Since Richie is in Mexico and I knew I wouldn’t have to try to keep up with him on the long run Saturday, I put in 3 quality runs this week.  It certainly had an effect on Saturday’s long run.  The intervals on Friday went quite well.  I hit all 8 400’s in 86s and jogged in between.  I started Saturday morning off a little stiff for the first half mile, but everything worked itself out and I was in a pretty good groove after that.  I was even cruising along at 7:30 pace around mile 10.  Somewhere around mile 12, I had some intestinal distress (I guess in Richie’s absence, it hit me instead), and had to make a pit stop at a park just before the 13 mile mark.  After that, I was in pretty bad shape.  I felt short of breath and finished the last 2 miles in a walk/run.  I must have been exhausted because I fell asleep in the ice bath and that’s pretty hard to do.

Still, I finished the 60 miles and it’s the first time I’ve done that since before Christmas.  I’m up to 66 miles this week and that’s uncharted territory.  Also, summer camp with daddy is over for Alice.  She starts cross country practice tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hang out at the meets.  I kind of enjoy the excitement of the race without the pressure of racing myself.

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Posted on 10-08-2009
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I set out today to do some 1200 m intervals.  After last week’s extreme FAIL where I didn’t even manage to get through the first interval, I was determined to get something positive out of this week’s session.  Technically, the plan called for 6×1200, but I was being more realistic by shooting for 4×1200.  Here’s how it went:

1 mile warmup

1200 m in 4:30

1200 m in 4:38

800 m in 3:04

400 m in 1:30

800 m in 3:06

400 m in 1:26

Finished at Easy pace to total 8 miles.

So, I wussed out a little but instead of quitting I just broke the final 2 1200’s into more manageable 800’s and 400’s.  I even ran them slightly faster for good measure!  So, I spent a total of 3 miles at roughly 6:00 min/mile pace.  I’m going to be happy with that.  I need something to hang my hat on and from which I can gradually improve.

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Posted on 09-08-2009
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I’m glad to put this week behind me.  Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted for over a week.  That’s because my laptop got some sort of weird virus.  I ended up wiping the hard drive and reinstalling windows, along with all the other programs I had installed.  What a pain in the butt!  I lost a lot of time and spent the whole week under a lot of stress trying to get things done without my laptop while trying to repair my laptop.  Everything seems to be in order now, though.  Here’s how the week went running-wise:

Monday AM: 6 miles at 8:18 pace + full body strength

Monday PM: 4 miles at 7:55 pace

Tuesday AM: 3.5 miles at 8:47 pace (failed interval session)

Wednesday AM: 5 miles with Alice at 11:07 pace

Thursday AM: 1.5 miles at 6:45 + .75 miles at 6:45 + 1 mile at 6:45 pace.  Total = 10 miles.

Thursday PM: 4 miles with Alice at 9:55 pace

Friday AM: 3 miles at 8:19 pace

Friday PM: 2.25 miles with Alice at 9:47 pace

Saturday AM: 14.5 miles with Richie at 10:20 pace.

Total: 52 miles

The long run on Saturday morning started off well.  I hit 10 miles at 8:00 pace, but then the legs and stomach conspired to slow things down.  I’m just glad I got a decent amount of mileage in.  Hopefully next week will be better.

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