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Running Recap: Week of 5/25/2009 – 5/31/2009

This week was a good comeback from the previous week. In order to facilitate my gradual rise to 100+ miles per week, I need to be in the 30’s by now: Monday: Still at the beach Tuesday PM: 4.75 miles … Continue reading

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Duel in the Sun

Hey, it’s two weeks in a row! It’s amazing what some time at the beach and time away from running can do for one’s ability to read. Well, I suppose that’s misleading. It’s not like if you’re illiterate, you can … Continue reading

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Running Recap: Week of 5/18/2009 – 5/24/2009

I think I reached the peak of my little 4 week rest period this week. We were stuck with a low pressure system for much of the week and that made for some much needed rain across the Florida peninsula. … Continue reading

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Once a Runner

I’ve never participated in Literary Wednesday and I’m so glad to be able to this week.  When I received the most recent issue of Runners World, I was intrigued to find out that there was actually a fictional novel about … Continue reading

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Running Recap: Week of 05/11/2009 – 05/17/2009

This is my first attempt to regularly recap my weeks with the same level of organization as Jess and Lindsay.  I’ve been sporadic in my weekly recaps and that’s not good.  In the next nine months, I’ll be putting myself … Continue reading

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So, what’s the old boy been up to?

This week has been pretty fun.  Monday morning I went out for a 4 mile run.  I felt pretty good, so I ran five.  Later, I ran 4 very slow miles with Alice.  Tuesday, I did 9 miles on the … Continue reading

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2009 Miles for Moffitt 5K

Well, not much to report here.  It started off as an exciting morning.  It was all smiles for Alice and Raffi as we left the house for our 45 minute drive to the race: We witnessed a beautfiul sunrise as … Continue reading

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The final speed workout

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot in the morning, so I didn’t run.  I did 4 miles in the afternoon with Alice. This morning, I headed out the door for my last speed workout for a few weeks.  I have … Continue reading

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A little adjustment to the new pace

Today’s plan called for 9 miles worth of speedwork to round out a 48 mile week.  It was a repeat of a workout I did quite well a few weeks ago, although all the intervals are now at the new … Continue reading

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Good night and good luck

I don’t have anything good to report, other than I’m about to eat dinner, watch a movie and go to bed.  I just wanted to wish a few of my faithful readers good luck in their races this weekend: Glenn … Continue reading

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