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How not to run a set of intervals

This picture has nothing to do with today’s post.  Kate found it in the St. Anthony’s triathalon photos.  It’s me in the race I didn’t run.  LOL. Yesterday, I hit the treadmill for 4 miles, then did an upper body … Continue reading

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Not exactly the plan, but I’ll take it

Yesterday, I hit the bike for 6 miles and did a full body strength training session for the first time in a few weeks.  I’ve been laying off the legs because of the races.  No race this week means strength … Continue reading

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Finally, a decent long run

So, I made it ten miles yesterday without walking or anything!  It seems silly to be saying that, but I haven’t been doing much longish stuff lately and though I’ve been awfully speedy in the short distances, I’ve definitely lost … Continue reading

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Most embarassing songs

Patrick over at my new life on the run inadvertently started a a new meme about embarrassing songs on your ipod or mp3 player.  While he sort of wussed out and didn’t admit to his own embarrassing songs, he did … Continue reading

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Feeling a little burnout.

I have to admit that it’s been pretty hard to do my morning workouts lately.  I slept extremely well last night, but still it was hard to get out of bed.  I managed to get myself out the door.  The … Continue reading

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2009 Harvey’s Festival of States 5K

I’ve been more relaxed the past few days than I was before the Seminole Stampede last week.  Having broken 20 minutes took quite a bit of the pressure off.  I felt good this morning, so I calculated my splits based … Continue reading

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Questions for the heart rate trainers

I know there are quite a few of you out there who use heart rate based training methods.  Since my methods are based primarily on race performance and prescribed paces, I’m a little clueless about how you plan and log … Continue reading

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Another nice Wednesday

Yesterday, my run with Alice got rained out.  Actually, we were going to run in the rain but on the way to the park, we saw some wicked lightening, so we decided to call it.  I was slow to get … Continue reading

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Another crumby Monday

I was supposed to do 3 miles at my new T pace (6:51 min/mile) + a set of 4 200m intervals at R pace (5:45 min/mile).  It didn’t got that way at all.  I got about a half mile at … Continue reading

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2009 Seminole Stampede 5K

After my intervals on Wednesday, the next few days were dicey.  I took Thursday morning off and had a relaxing bath.  Thursday afternoon, I experienced some intestinal problems during my 4 miles with Alice.  Of course, she was feeling fast … Continue reading

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