Posted on 16-01-2009
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In the weeks leading up to the Walt Disney World half marathon, I avoided sick people religiously.  That was pretty tough considering the holidays and all the neices, nephews, daughters and wife who had the sniffles.  I’m thankful that I was able to run the race healthy and not too surprised that I developed a sore throat only two days later.  Fortunately, I think I’ve been able to hold off the ger moffensive and stall it in the throat for now.  With any luck it won’t spread deeper into my respiratory system.

I took Sunday off, sleeping in then walking around the Animal Kingdom for half the day.  I nearly fell alseep on the drive home and it’s a good thing I didnt because I was driving.  On Monday I did 9 miles on the stationary bike.  My quads were still a bit sore, but the bike loosened them up.  Tuesday was 3 miles on the treadmill at 9:06 pace.  That was pretty easy and I hit the weights for an upper body workout afterward.

I planned on running outside Wednesday, but didn’t really feel like it so I didn’t.  I figured if there was a week I could do that without feeling guilty, this was it.  I took a long bath instead.  Thursday, I had a meeting and didn’t workout at all.  Today I went to the chiropracter, but made it outside for 3 miles at 7:53 pace.  That was faster than I wanted to do it and my lungs didn’t enjoy the experience so much, but it did seem to clear me out a little.

I’ve tentatively added the Gasparilla 5K to my schedule on February 28th.  It’ll be my first chance to break 20, and will allow me to check out the organization for the Gasparilal full marathon which I’m hoping to run in February 2010.   I’m going to try to run 3-4 5K races this spring.  Then I’ll use the summer to build my mileage up again.  I’ll run the Charger Classic 5K with my daughter’s cross country team in the fall, then probably Disney Race for the Taste 10K in October.  The goal is to be at 100 miles per week by mid October, with a peak mileage of 120 miles per week in training for the full marathon.  I’ll be using the Jack Daniels elite plan.

I’ll probably do about 30 miles next week with maybe 1 “quality” run.  Then I’ll be into a regular 5 K program the next week.  I should average about 30-40 miles per week until the summer.  That’s the current plan anyway…

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