Posted on 07-01-2009
Filed Under (Training) by Brian

Today’s plan was for a 4 mile easy run. Since yesterday’s easy run turned into more of a tempo run, I decided I needed to reign in the restless legs today.  Despite the fact that it was a beautiful morning, perfect for a run, I headed to the gym and jumped on the treadmill.  At the constant 8:58 min/mile pace of the treadmill, my legs were unable to speed up and I actually pulled of an easy run.

Sadly, the 4 easy miles felt more difficult than the 5 relatively hard miles yesterday.  I think this is a good sign, but decided it’s best not to worry about it.  Tomorrow is a day off and I’ll use this time to run some errands before the trip to Orlando.   I’m thinking about using an iron-on transfer to put my blog address on the back of my shirt.  What do you think?  Good idea?

After 24 weeks of training, all that stands between me and this race is an easy 2 mile run.

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