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More strength training

Last night I revamped my mp3 player play list since I was feeling uninspired on the treadmill.   I’ll reveal it here if you all promise not to laugh.  A lot of thought went into this… 1)  Flogging Molly – Float … Continue reading

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Decent threshold training

After Monday’s speed intervals and 5 easy miles coupled with full body strength training yesterday, the legs were a little sore this morning.  The weather was beautiful, though and I headed out for some threshold training. Today’s plan was for … Continue reading

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Rocking the Pyramid

Despite the fact that my lungs greatly protested last week’s speedwork, I was actually looking forward to today’s workout.  That may have something to do with a day off yesterday…Or maybe I’m just crazy. Today’s plan was one of those … Continue reading

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Back into the swing of things

I hit the road for 8 miles yesterday.  It was a beautiful day: 65 degrees, clear skies, and a slight breeze.  It was nice to get back downtown and run along the water.  I missed running along the bay.  It … Continue reading

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Back to the core

I headed to the gym today for 6 easy miles on the treadmill and my first Friday core training class since early December.  As an aside, has anyone else seen people driving around the parking lot of their local gym … Continue reading

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Coming out of the funk

I was back on the treadmill today for 6 easy miles.  Things went pretty well and it actually felt pretty easy – or at least as easy they did before the race.  Afterward, I headed down to the weights for … Continue reading

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Some uninspiring speed intervals

After hitting the treadmill for 5 easy miles on Monday, I took Tuesday off to go to the dentist and planned my first speed intervals since the fall for today.  I woke up to 38 degree temperatures and 30 MPH … Continue reading

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Strength Training

Has anyone else tried to research strength training for distance runners?  I’ll save you the trouble.  You can Google it and get just about any answer you want.  There are those that say you shouldn’t strength train at all because … Continue reading

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Typical Recovery Week

In the weeks leading up to the Walt Disney World half marathon, I avoided sick people religiously.  That was pretty tough considering the holidays and all the neices, nephews, daughters and wife who had the sniffles.  I’m thankful that I … Continue reading

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2009 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

This story begins back in October.  When I registered for the WDW half marathon back in March (Okay, maybe it begins in March), the only qualifying proof of time I had for my corral placement was my 5:27 ish marathon … Continue reading

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