20 degrees…much better

I guess everything is relative. If you asked me last week if I’d want to run in 20 degrees, I’d have laughed at you. After yesterday, though it felt quite nice. I basically wore the same thing I did yesterday, but I started with the headband in my pocket. I quickly realized I was still going to need it. I alternated having it over my mouth about every half mile or so.

My 6 mile route today took me through some hilly neighborhoods, out over an interstate, past a large shopping center, then out into a vast expanse of empty corn fields, back across the interstate, and back into the neighborhoods. It was a pretty good route actually. When I was running along the corn fields, I felt like I was running in the middle of nowhere. It made me feel like a professional runner for a moment.

I finished the 6 miles in 50:51. All in all a pretty good run. We’re looking at ice tomorrow, so my 10 miles of speedwork is up in the air. They’re predicting 1/8″ of ice on the ground by morning and I didn’t bring my skates – ha!


  1. Neat tip for ice in RW this month, screw bolts into your sneakers. Just be sure they are short enough to not poke through. One of the bike paths out here goes through corn fields and cattle farms. I was running it one evening around 8:30, the sun was just going down as it was summer at the time. Suddenly this monster of a dear jumps out of the corn and scares the poop out of me. I litterally jumped off the path into a ditch that runs along the corn field. I got home covered in nasty stagnant water. Of course when I told my wife what happened I changed it to a rabid hungry bear. Oddly enough she did not believe me, so I told her about the deer. Nice buck though, probably around 6 points, sadly out of season.

  2. Yes because you always carry a gun and/or a bow on your runs with you. Does it have to be in season if you wrestle it to the ground with your bare hands?

  3. no swim goggles today? glad you pushed yourself out the door in the cold weather. you are going to do well in the half with these training run times.

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