2 good quality runs down

Yesterday, the 5 miles on the treadmill went well…as in “without incident”.  I completed an upper body workout and a core workout afterward.  Today’s workout plan was for 3  x 1.5 miles at T pace with 2 minutes rest.  My current T pace is 7:10/mile, so that means 1.5 miles in 10:45.  Here’s how it went:

warm-up at Easy pace

1.5 miles in 10:16

1.5 miles in 10:04

1.5 miles in 10:07

cool-down at Easy pace

The workout went quite well.  My average pace for the intervals was actually pretty close to my planned race pace.  That was nice.  I’m a little nervous, though.  I’ve yet to put a week’s full of good quality workouts together since the half marathon and the race is my third and final quality workout of the week.  With tomorrow off and 2 easy miles on Friday, I’ll at least be well rested.  The goal is 20:39 to move me up one VDOT level (putting me on par with Lindsay).  If it’s a really good day, I might have a shot at 20 minutes.  Apparently there are about 6000 people registered for the 5K and Denise hasn’t decided if she’s running yet.  Should be an exciting morning if nothing else.


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